Welcome to the RHEIN MARSCH 2025! this site is still under construction

🌍✨ Welcome to our official RHEIN MARSCH 2025 website! ✨🌍

We are thrilled to invite you to join us on a unique relay march covering 1282 kilometers along the picturesque Rhine River, stretching from Switzerland to the Netherlands. This extraordinary journey is open to everyone – whether you’re an experienced hiker, a novice adventurer, or simply someone who loves the great outdoors.

What to Expect:

Unparalleled Scenery: Traverse through stunning landscapes, historic towns, and vibrant cities along the Rhine.

Community Spirit: Meet and march alongside people from diverse backgrounds, fostering friendships and creating unforgettable memories.

Cultural Exploration: Discover the rich cultural heritage and history of the regions along the Rhine.

How to Participate:

Join as an individual or as part of a group – every step counts! Our relay format allows for flexibility, making it possible for participants to join for one or multiple stages.

Stay Connected Follow our journey and get the latest updates on our social media channels. We are excited to share stories, photos, and highlights from the march with our growing community. Let’s embark on this incredible adventure together in 2025 and celebrate the unity and beauty of the Rhine region. Welcome to the RHEIN MARSCH 2025!

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